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This "Barringa East!" site is the fun site with forums where you can find out all sorts of great stories and inside information on stars, actors and crew for fans of the film "Hating Alison Ashley" which opens March 2005! Starring Delta Goodrem as Alison, Saskia Burmeister as Erica and Alexander Cappelli as Barry Hollis! The film is based on the book by Robin Klein and published by Puffin Books, AU.

But there is much more. Go to the Forum from the Hanging Out and the What's Happening? buttons below or go to the home page. There is a Juke box page where you can listen to music posted by other fans and even Justin from the film with a pretty cool track, or art or photography; see photo scrap books from the film, trade views and read reviews. We are becoming an online community where people hang around having fun. This is more than about the film, it is about you and people like you.

This site will also host a shopping catalogue of products and merchandise from the film and tells you where to find them.