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Please Note: This site is no longer active.
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This is BARY HOLLIS !!
School bash artist with a spelling problem.  But he’s such a hottie, who cares…and he turns out quite nice in the end!!!

Hating Alison Ashley
The movie you’ve been waiting for… opens March 05! Starring  Delta Goodrem as Alison, Saskia Burmeister as Erica and Alexander Cappelli as Barry Hollis!

Hating Alison Ashley Contin...
Here you can share your ideas about the film, the stars etc with on-line friends on the forum. You can shop with the links from the "Retail Therapy" and more….

The place to be… it’s all here…  news about the movie, behind the scenes, Q & A, stuff to buy, prizes to win and much more.
Please Note- This site is no longer active.

Hang out with cast and crew… … trade views with other fans…  and have your say!

… super important the closer we get to release date. And don’t miss out on the special comps for exclusive preview tix!!

A girl’s gotta do…. There’ll be lotsa cool stuff from Tee’s to fashions, back to school, books, posters, soundtracks, DVDs, maybe even some clothes & props from the film !! 

Info on everyone and everything! So if ya gotta know… ya gotta go here …

Tell us what you want here at Barringa East!.  Seriously!  It’s your space…

This is Alison Ashley.  One cool chick! She’s got the 3 Bs: Beauty, Brains and her mum drives a BMW. 
Who wouldn’t hate her??!!!

This is Erica. School hypochondriac, resident control freak, legend in her own lunchtime… until  a new girl arrives and turns her life upside down !!