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Welcome to our “Barringa East!” on-line Community site for all those interested and involved in the movie and the story of “Hating Alison Ashley” by Robin Klein.

The purpose of this on-line community is to promote and facilitate discussion and opinions and information. By its very nature this involves and encourages input from a wide variety of sources and viewpoints.

Naturally this means that the community will uncover numerous errors, omissions and dissenting views. It is the process of discovering the mistakes, finding the answers and discussing differing views that makes it interesting and valuable!

So, if you find something that you feel it not quite right PLEASE DO help us to correct it…

There are 2 ways that you can do this:

1. The best is to join the Forum and post a new topic or reply in the relevant forum. This gets your concern into the Community the fastest and gives you the opportunity to directly set the record straight as it were. (Note: All Forum are moderated and we will deal with anything on the site that is outside the forums within 48 hours.)

2. If it is urgent, then please alert us to the problem using the email address above… and we will deal with it within 24 hours.

Your interest and involvement is most important and welcome… please get involved!

Many thanks.

Michael D’Aprix

As the publishers of the site we cannot guarantee that the information contained on the site is always correct or complete. Nor do the opinions expressed necessarily reflect our own and neither do we necessarily endorse them. That said we do endeavour to ensure that we do not publish incorrect or misleading information and that if an error occurs we correct it expeditiously.

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