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PETER D'APRIX is a broad based photographic specialist with over 35 years in the field and whose background is in both advertising/commercial photography as a graduate of The Los Angeles Art Center College of Design and in journalism and photojournalism from Boston University's School of Public Communication.

He has worked in the fields of photography, advertising, newspaper and public relations. However, closest to his heart is photography. However, he loves to couple his this with his ability to see the bigger picture and produce the vehicles that carry his photography from web sites to sales brochures and ads.

His background in publishing provides him a unique understanding of any business and feels it is his job to communicate to the rest of the world or a select audience a precise image of that organization. This is visual communication. His background in journalism gives him the ability to add focused text to accompany the visual.

After reviewing his work, please call and we will be happy to meet with you.

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