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Peter D'Aprix
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805-646-1991 | Ojai, CA 93023 USA.

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PETER D’APRIX wears two hats in the Ojai Group - Web Developer and Photographer. With many sites under his belt, he is an experienced web developer who specializes in creating the user interface of a web site including the look & feel, the site architecture, navigation and dynamic functioning. He feels web sites should make it easy and fast to find what you are looking for.

With his B.Sc. degree in Journalism and Photo-Journalism from Boston University as well his B.F.A in Photography from the Los Angeles Art Center College of Design, he is uniquely qualified in both visual and verbal communication skills. He has been a working photographyer since 1970. His hands on approach means he is intimately involved in every aspect of both a photo production and a web site project.

He lists as present and former clients, Vivitar, American Bicycle Locker, One Beach Road, Ransco, Montecito Bank and Trust, Calimoya, Firestone and Patina Old World Floors. For a full listing, click now to visit the full biography.

HIs photo repetoire includes large and small format studio photography both still life/product photos through the spectrum to people. He also shoots extensively on location. That may be product on location, people as portraits or informal. It also includes annual report/brochure style photography as well as editorial.

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FRED KIDDER represents the graphic design component of the Ojai Group. His background includes more than 30 years' creative work for many of America's blue-chip companies and leading nonprofit, educational and public interest groups. Trained at the University of Nebraska (BFA) with 4 more years at the Art Center College of Design, he developed his skills as a senior designer for 10 years with Robert Miles Runyan Assoc. (LA) one of the leading and most innovative design firms in the country. Kidder has produced award-winning annual reports, corporate logos, packaging and advertising campaigns from concept to final execution and production. He presently works in a broad range of digital media.

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