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Peter D'Aprix whose thirty five plus years in professional photography has expanded his superb still photography into web based video productions specializing in "walkthru" videos that utilize micro camcorders. He walks through the place, inside and out, and films the journey in video to convey the feeling that you are actually there doing the walking. He combines soft background music with the real sounds of the place from fountains to birds, from horses neighing to fires crackling. All to provide the most real experience that will arrest the viewer to stay on your page and really communicate what your product or place is to give you the best chance to make the sale, no matter what the product or service.

Associate of Arts from The American College in Paris.
B.Sc. in Journalism from Boston University School of Public Communication.
B.F.A. in Photography from the Los Angeles Art Center College of Design.
Graduate of Lynda Weinman's Ojai Digital Arts Center Web Site Design
Peter D'Aprix has taught at:
The Los Angeles Art Center College of Design, Pasadena, CA.
Brooks Institute, Santa Barbara, CA.

Positions held
Staff Photographer "Windsor, Slough and Eaton Express", GB.
Associate "Woolfe, Laing & Christie, Public Relations", GB.
For many years has run his own freelance photographic business in Great Britain, France and the United States.
1994 co-founded The Ojai Group.
Peter and his wife Linda are both Contributing Editors to “Culinary Trends” Magazine.
Peter and his wife Linda own and publish the E-magazine on up-scale food and travel

Stock photo agency
SIPA Images, Paris, France.

List of clients past and present
ANNUAL REPORTS: STP, Applied Magnetics Co,Host International, Teledyne, Nortronics Corporation.

BROCHURES: Vivitar Co., Applied Magnetics, JBL Speakers, Jafra Cosmetics, Semour Duncan, Firestone Winery, Digital Sound, Diawa, Express Furniture, Transco, Princess Cruises, Triad Design Speakers, AutoLogic, Maximum Nurseries, Firestone Beer, Firestone Winery, Nortronics Corporation, Vivitar, Delta Microwave, Industrial Tools Co., Beckman Instruments, Mentor/Heyer-Shulte, McGhan Medical, Cardio Dynamics, Everbloom Growers, Westerlay Roses, J. Carey Vineyards, Ransco, Body Glove, Data Exchange, Iris Arc Crystal, Joe Weider Products, Forms & Surfaces, DHL, Jado, Ventura Coastal Co., B&H Flowers, Giati Designs, Delta 2., Antrin, Lumonics, Techmedica, Reynolds Ind., Nanette Keller Designs, Delyse Air, Kirshnamurti Foundation, Cains Foods, Kinamed Co., Seagate Ind., EFC., Montecito Bank and Trust, Cypress Inn Carmel, Inhealth Co., Golf Bag Express, National Data Cable, American Bicycle Sec.,,, Accurate Construction, One Beach Road, Urquidez Construction, Monticeto Bank and Trust, Lock-In-Air,, Action Sports, Clark & White Landscape, Ventura Museum of History and Art, Composite Plastic Products Co.

PUBLICATIONS: "Saveurs" French Food Magazine, “Saveur” U.S.A., "Travel/Holiday" Magazine, "Country Inns" Magazine, "Westways" Magazine, “Cuisine Magazine”, “Santa Barbara Magazine”, "Valley Magazine", “Kitchen Garden Magazine”, “Playgirl” and “Culinary Trends Magazine” .

New York Art Directors Club,
Communication Arts Annual,
Santa Barbara Ad. Club,
Print Magazine, P.I.A.,
Art Center Alumni Awards.

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