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Location Photography.

Some photographers are more comfortable in the controlled environment of the studio. Others like the challange of an uncontrollable situation on location.

Peter D'Aprix likes both. With a background both in the ultimate location photography, photo journalism where you fly by the seat of your pants, as well as a background in advertising and studio photography (see Peter's bio, button at bottom of page) he brings technical discipline and lighting talent refined in the studio to his location work. Often, that is just a question of identifying the right light or supplementing it slightly with artificial lights to make it work.

It also generally means shooting under time pressures without all the equipment available to the photographer in the studio.

Often the location shoot involves treating a factory floor as a studio when taking a photograph of a large product. Other times, the photography required is very much like photo journalism - the telling of a visual story about people and places.

Peter shoots for magazines, usually food magazines, which is pure photo journalism. Other times, this style is adapted to annual reports, brochures, facility brochures and flyers as well as web sites.

He uses the full range of his equipment to do this from large format sheet film cameras to 35mm motor drives or digital cameras. It depends on the requirements of the project.

You will see here links to all the different types of Location Photography Peter does.