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Medical Product Photography.

Medical photography carries a certain visual communications responsibility. Even though clients and art directors already know what they want, we photographers also have a responsibility to control the story we are telling since medical equipment has a strong impact on people lives and well being.

Much medical product photogaphy needs to communicate precision and clean room cleanliness. This is why so often pure white backgrounds are used and/or backgrounds that are shiny and provide scalpel sharp reflections.

So many of the products are made of shiny metal and/or plastic that is very hard to light especially when shot on dark backgrounds or colored backgrounds that reflect color into the metal surfaces.

In the case of gels or silicone, it produces products that both reflect light and transmit it; this includes any color that may be behind the product. This adds much difficulty to the lighting.

Today's digital cameras and the latest edition of PhotoShop CS does help, but they can't overcome poor lighting at the time of making the exposure whether on film on digital back.