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I shoot still photos and/or "walkthru" videos that make the property look great. That is what I do. To do this, I need to do even more work after the photo is taken. Post production work is vital. And that is what makes me different from most real estate photographers. We pick the best time of day to provide the best lighting, then bring out the detail, soften shadows and adjust perspective.

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This group shows what I can do for each individual property using stills, photo galleries, videos from stills and walkthrough videos.

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Real Estate photography is all about solving problems. Lighting, deep shadows with bright highlights, cracked driveways, sick or non existent lawns, north facing houses that never get the light, small rooms, and more.

But the main thrust for the real estate photographer is to try to capture the ambiance that gives the home its character and that may not have anything to do with the architecture, but may be the view, the setting, the landscaping, its cultural provenance etc. In short, that which makes the house stand out from other houses.

In this section you can see how individual properties have been photographed in the "View Individual Properties" section. Thee will be links to some of the different ways I can help you show the property.

Or you can choose to view Web Still Photo Albums that will resize to fit any viewing screen from Smart Phones, iPads, laptops and large screen computers and TVs. These are driven by Java Script and can be embedded into any website.

Then there are Video Movies. Most today are made from the still photos and backed by titles, voice overs, music, maps and other multi-media tools. The advantages are the ability to work on each photo in Photoshop and render them the best they can be. Often the same photos are used that have been prepared for the WebPhotoAlbums above.

Another Video Movie is what is being termed the "Walk Through Video" and this is almost completely a video shot as a video with the photographer approaching the house from the exterior, touring the house with the camera running and exiting at the end. It too is generally accompanied by music and sometimes a voice over. These are very effective in displaying a sense of being there, of walking through the house yourself and being able to turn around in a room to see the whole layout. They are effective in offering a good solution to the small room problem as well as showing the flow of the house from room to room.

Lastly I have here some "How I Do It" tutorial videos that discuss the most common problems with photographing properties and how I solve them.

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