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Video Camera IconThe "WalkThru Video" is a fairly new idea brought about mainly by the synergy between the new HD small, consumer video camcorders and YouTube improvements in the past few years.

The goal is to provide a secondary sales tool that provides a greater depth of experience than still photos can achieve. Really superb still photographs, that I also take, remain the first level of visual sales and marketing. (See my still photo albums click here >>)

> WalkThru Videos as applied to Real Estate selling:

ladd grounds walkthru
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Real Estate is a perfect market for the use of WalkThru videos since so many people in the market for a property search online first or as back up. So an agent can show still photos first to capture the buyer's interest, then provide a more in-depth experience to really lock in their interest.

Then it is up to the realtor to continue to make the sale. What the great still photos and the video do is arrest the attention of the potential buyer to the property and make them stop and look further. Poor photos can allow the buyer to slide right over an otherwise perfect property for them.

It also allows the buyer to show the property to family and friends for added purchase convictions and group consensus.

I prefer to break up the videos to make several smaller ones rather than one long one. One to show the exteriors and ground; another to show the interiors. Larger properties can have peripheral structures can can call for yet another. This also provides more "candy" to explore for the buyer.

> Hotels, Restaurants & Resorts:

Hotels, Restaurants & Resorts
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Hotels, Restaurants and Resorts are perfect candidates for this treatment. Just in 2012, the prestigious French Relais et Châteaux chain added similar videos to their web pages for their members.

Mine, however, are a bit different in that I blend in a more photojournalistic approach and include the sounds of the birds, the fountains, the sound of fun in the pool and more along with a soft, background music track.

But like the Real Estate application, this medium can convey a far greater depth of experience to the viewer. The video allows us to circulate through the grounds, the public rooms as well as the personal rooms and suites and showing them from all angles including the views from the windows. They let us visit and hear the chef discussing his cuisine, then watch the dishes arrive at the table, the sauces drizzled over the plate, the explanation of the dish and the pouring of the wine. They take us there and make us want to go their ourselves.

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