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Video Camera IconA "WalkThru" video is one that is a hand held video taken as I literally walk through the hotel, the grounds, the rooms, the restaurant. It is designed to give you a much "closer-to-reality" feeling of "place".

My approach to this is different from the majority. I am not making a slick advertising piece. I am making a photojournalistic piece for its greater authenticity and believability. While I do iron out the rough edges, I try to retain the "raw" character of the video with the YouTube esthetic.

While I have to remove the original sound, I separately record the sounds that you hear typical of the place being covered. Birds, fountains, background babble of voices having fun, splashing in the pool, wine being poured, the church bell in the distance. Then lay in a quiet background track of music. I do the same for my real estate "walkthu's". Sound is so much a part of the sensual experience of any place that coupled with the visual, it makes a very compelling experience.

See for yourself in the samples below. Each will take you to a page with several videos of different aspects of each place to view. Just close out the window after viewing each video.

> A Chateau Bed & Breakfast in Haute Provence, France:

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This 13th & 18th century chateau that is set on the edge of a lake, has been lovingly restored by the resident owners as an upscale bed & breakfast. It has a period ambiance of somewhere from 1920 to 1950 with antiques, classical furnishings but modern bathrooms with a traditional look. The halls echo with hundreds of years of family, history, rising and falling fortunes. It is truly a slice of traditional French country life that has largely disappeared.

This video aims at capturing the country ambience of the chateau, the textures, the sounds of the country and life in an ancient country village. This is the introduction. The rooms and suites are covered in the next video and their self catering apartment in the last of the set of 3 videos.

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