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Ojai Saddle Mountain Home - Interiors and Property:

Video of the Grounds

WalkThru of the Property.

Walkthru of the Interiors

WalkThru of the House Interiors.

This 2+ acre property is located on Ojai's Saddle Mountain (now sold) and has both flat land and hillside grounds. It is a one story house that stretches horizontally across the slope and when photographed, becomes a thin line in the still photos.

So it is a prime subject for a "WalkThru" video since we can wander through the gardens, the nells and green grotto's, the hillside paths, enjoy the sound of the numerous fountains and bird song.

The house itself on the inside caters to this treatments as well since it is just a series of rooms one opening into the others, so the walk through provides a much better sense of just how they flow than still photos can convey.

The click through each of the two videowalkthus by clicking on the video buttons to the left.

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