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Ojai Valley High Upmarket Home & Acreage:

Video of the Grounds

WalkThru of the Grounds.

Video of the Main house 1st floor

WalkThru of the 1st floor.

Video of the main house upstairs

WalkThru of the Upstairs.

Video of the Guest house, Exterior office.

WalkThru of the separate office and guest quarters.

This East End Ojai Valley estate is a delight to photograph since it is lovely to look at, oozes charm and warmth and has lovely landscape even in the middle of winter and is tastefully furnished. However, previous photographers were apparently unable to capture that. With a north facing house whose frontage never really receives the sun, that is not surprising.

It takes an intimate mastery of what is known as HDR (High Definition Range) of exposure to bring out the shadow areas without destroying the correctly lit surroundings. Happily for my clients I have that skill set in my tool box. But in addition, this makes the house a candidate for a twilight photograph since the light then radiates out of the house. This calls for additional amount of exterior photos lights and speed.

The Interiors needed no additinal lighting but again the correct balane of exposures were obtained through HDR techniques. The property also had a guest house, office and garage plus a pool and tennis courts. So in addition to the standard still photographs as a click through photo album and produced as a YouTube slide show with music and sound effects (birds and sound from the many fountains) I produced a "walkthrou" video that better shows the way the property flows from one structure to another and from one room to another - more like being there yourself.

What also helps immensely is "styling" the house and property. There is nothing worse than dead flowers, empty flower beds and pots or lack of them, clutter in the rooms, bathroom and grounds.

These "WalkThru" videos are the second line of sale. They are too long to show to a client first but perfect for the client to show friends and family after they are sold on the idea of the house. They help lock in a sale.

Normally, I produce one "walkthru" video that takes in the grounds briefly and moves through the house quite quickly. In this case, it was decided that to do justice to the house, the out buildings and the grounds, we needed to produce several diferent videos to truly capture this special property.

The click through photo WebAlbum or a short web video from still photographs is better as a first show.

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