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Patina Modern Floors
Patina Modern Floors
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We consider web site design to be an excercise in publishing - electronically instead of in print, film or video.

The difference is that web sites look and behave differently on every computer monitor while the other mediums are fixed once created. Web sites also allow for dynamic interaction with the viewer.

Thes differences demand new thinking both on the potential of a web site for providing enormous value to any organization, but also a far more creative and dynamic approach to the design and development itself.

We work closely with clients prior to creation of a site to fully research the best approach to representing the client company and helping the client to utilize the full potential of a site to help the bottom line.

While a large percentage of users are on high speed connection, a larger percentage are dial up. Our sites are developed to address the slower users. Images are fully optimized and presented in small bite sizes.

Navigation is clear and information is provided in a manner to make it easy and fast to find.

Please explore the various sites listed here that we have created. Our sites are designed to blend seamlessly into the "Branding" and "Corporate Identification" programs already in place. If you do not have a "branding" program, want to improve or bring yours up to date, our parent group can help you with a comprehensive branding program whether you are a small, medium or large business. Just click on "ExclaimBranding" in the page header above to visit the Exclaim site.