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Rather than having a basket full of plans, we have a base plan for $2,500. This plan includes an hour long preliminary meeting to get to know each other, discuss requirements and scout for suitable locations.

The shooting session itself can last up to 4 hours depending on complexity of set up. The photography is shot using a digital camera at your house, or location of your choosing. Proofs are provided within a few days of the shoot either as a spiral bound book or on CD as JPEG images viewable on most computers. While many images are shot during the session, not all will be acceptable. The ones that make it into the book will be lightly corrected at the proofing stage.
The photography is intended to appear in Black&White, although the digital images start life as color. (If you prefer color, then we simply do not do the conversion).

Once you have chosen up to 5 images that please you, you will receive 1 corrected and retouched 8x10" print of each, or any combination that results in 5 prints. In addition, there are provided 4 5x7" prints and 8 2 1/2 x 3 1/2" wallet prints of each of the 5 images included in the fee.

We do not provide professional make-up services but do make some finishing touches to your own make-up and hair with photography considerations in mind. We also go over your wardrobe in advance with you. We will help you every step of the way look your best for the photo session.

There may well be more images or other services and products that you would like to have. You may want to additional prints of a variety of sizes and on different surfaces. We can quote you for any of your additional wishes.

We can also provide photographs in albums or other forms of display.

Essentially, we can build any combination of shooting session and/or resulting prints, CDs, DVDs, web presentations, QuickTime slide shows that you wish at optional rates depending on what is involved. Since these are all custom specifications, we will develop a pricing for you based on your requirements all built on the base of our entry plan.

Whilst our preferred style of portraiture is in black and white using studio lighting at your home, if you prefer color or have an inclination to film rather than digital, we can offer this style with ease. We can also offer a much more relaxed, photo journalistic, available light approach if you prefer. This mostly depends on what you want and feel most comfortable with.

The initial photography sitting fee with included prints are charged with payment in advance. Subsequent orders of image display materials will be billed separately also with a deposit in advance on the order.
While we have every confidence that you will love our portraits of you or your loved ones, due to the subjective nature of photography, we cannot guarantee it. What we can assure you of is beautiful lighting, sharp and correctly exposed images that will make superlative prints. We have been pleasing clients for over 30 years.

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