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Peter D’Aprix is an award winning photographer who has worked for years in editorial and advertising photography as well as beauty and fashion (read “flatter”). With a background in both photo-journalism, which focuses on telling a story and a more spontaneous approach to photography, as well as advertising which aims at total control and immaculate lighting, he is well suited to adapting to any situation, the person he is shooting and the location in order to shoot the most telling, most interesting photo story of any event especially weddings and other important occassions so that it can be relived through the images for years t come. .

While he loves the rich play of contrasts inherent in black and white photography, he actually photographs in color, only converting to black and white in his studio. So if you prefer color, that is no problem. If you want your event presented in color and black and wite, that is possible as well.

Prices start at $1,500 per event and rise according to what is requested.

So give him a call and he will be happy to visit with you to explain more and hear what you want. Tel: 805-646-1991 or to make contact by email, click here.

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